Carpenter Ants The Unwanted Guests of Spring

Just like that Spring has arrived not only bringing with it gorgeous flowers, beautiful sunshine, and warmth but those pesky little critters like carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are large ants indigenous to many forested parts of the world. They build nests inside wood consisting of galleries chewed out with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp […]

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Is it Squirrels or Is It Rats?

Alcon Services Inc. Termite & Pest Control is Here To Help! At Alcon Services Inc. Termite and Pest Control We Prefer to Proactive instead of Reactive with our maintenance plans we help you keep your unwanted guests at bay. We like to be one step ahead of the animals and bugs when it comes to […]

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Flying Termite Swarmers
How Rain Affects Termite Activity

If you’ve dealt with termites before, you may have noticed a seeming connection between rain and termite activity. Is there a real connection here? Let’s get to the bottom of whether rain affects termite activity and determine whether you need an exterminator to apply termite control to your property. The Termite and Moisture As we’ve […]

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Frisco Termites
Termite Season in Texas: What You Need to Know

It’s spring, and that means termite season has begun. Termites play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem. They feed on dead or decaying wood and plant matter, breaking down its structure and its structural integrity. Colonies of termites can make quick work of a downed tree. In the wild, this is extremely beneficial. Termites […]

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