Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat Alcon services, termites, pest control, ants, bugs, pests, summer bugs, termites and pest control
Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat

As the summer season approaches, termite activities begin to surge! They thrive in warm, humid conditions and are known to infest wooden structures, causing extensive damage if left unchecked. Whether relaxing on your porch or working in your garden, termites can quickly turn your summer fun into a disaster! To safeguard your property, consider preventive […]

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Spring Season Brings Termites and Unwanted Visitors squirrels, pests, pest control, unwanted critters, wildlife, attics, critters, termites
Spring Season Brings Termites and Unwanted Visitors

At Alcon Services, we acknowledge that it is early March, and technically still within the winter season. However, in Texas, the scent of spring is already in the air. Wildlife pests are beginning to birth their offspring and awaken from their slumber, ready to stretch their legs and explore their surroundings. With the warm weather […]

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Fall, Football, & Unwanted Friends

Fall is right around the corner… and so are the bugs and furry critters! As exciting as fall is, this time of year is the most active season for bugs, pests, and furry critters who want to make themselves at home in your space. Those furry critters you hear in your attic or see running […]

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The Termites Are Here!

Attention Attention! Spring is officially here and so are the termites! Make sure to schedule a home inspection to avoid the headache that comes with having termites take over your home. What Are Termites? Termites are insects that consume a wide variety of decaying plant material, usually wood, decaying leaves, and soil humus. They are […]

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Look Out For Termites

Spring is here and all bugs are out and about. Friends and family make sure your are on the look out for termite tubes and mud balls popping out of your walls and around your plumbing/pipe areas.   These pictures are a worst case scenario and the tube by the 2×4 will also look like […]

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Flying Termite Swarmers
How Rain Affects Termite Activity

If you’ve dealt with termites before, you may have noticed a seeming connection between rain and termite activity. Is there a real connection here? Let’s get to the bottom of whether rain affects termite activity and determine whether you need an exterminator to apply termite control to your property. The Termite and Moisture As we’ve […]

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Frisco Termites
Termite Season in Texas: What You Need to Know

It’s spring, and that means termite season has begun. Termites play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem. They feed on dead or decaying wood and plant matter, breaking down its structure and its structural integrity. Colonies of termites can make quick work of a downed tree. In the wild, this is extremely beneficial. Termites […]

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