Alcon Mosquito Solutions

The combination of excessive rainfall this spring and early summer, with July and August heat, means conditions are perfect for a booming mosquito population. Mosquitos are not only pests, but also bring the very real threat of spreading West Nile virus and other diseases. But they aren’t the only pests that will thrive through the summer heat wave – fleas, chigger and ticks will also be a problem and can be dangerous as well. What can you do to protect your home, family and pets this summer and fall?

Keeping your property free of high grass, weeds and bushes can help, as mosquitos and other pests like chiggers seek shelter in tall grasses during the extreme heat of the day. Also be sure to check pets frequently as they can bring unwanted ticks and fleas indoors. The half hour before and after dusk and dawn is when mosquitos and many other biting insects are most active. Minimize time outside during those hours.

But an even better approach is to be proactive. Now is a great time to schedule a free inspection from Alcon Services pest control. We are a family owned business that has the experience and expertise to help eliminate the threat of mosquitos, chiggers, fleas, ticks and many other summertime pests. We’ve serviced homes and businesses in the North Dallas, Denton and Collin County areas since 1998, and know what works. We will evaluate potential problems and provide you with safe, effective options to protect your home and family from these unwanted summer invaders. Call us before the problem gets worse 972-417-3527.

And for year round peace of mind, Alcon Services offers an affordable annual warranty program. There’s no contracts or high pressure. The average Alcon customer has been with us for over eight years. Our top priority is our customers, their families, pets, and environments. Let us design a custom pest control service plan for your individual needs.

If you are in the North Dallas/Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, Flower Mound, Lewisville or surrounding communities, don’t let this spring’s rain and the summer heat create a mosquito problem. Take action now. Alcon Services Pest Control can help.

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