Termite Frequently Asked Question

If you know or suspect that your home has termites, DO NOT PANIC… There are solutions available to you.  Begin by educating yourself.  An educated consumer is a smart consumer.

Many homeowners will start with a web search.  There are numerous sites that will give you information concerning termites, termite treating methods, and product ratings.  We recommend that you speak with your neighbors, friends, and co-workers first.  Most everyone knows someone in North Texas that has had a home with termite problems.  Secondly, solicit several bids and compare.  Do not let price or the salesperson make the decision for you.  There are no “pie in the sky” treatment methods.  Termites are tenacious, and require a thorough initial treatment and follow-up to insure that they are no longer a problem.  Become familiar with “Conducive Conditions” in and around your home that can encourage termite infestation or re-infestation.  Understand”Conducive Conditions”, and correct them prior to an infestation.  It can greatly enhance your protection; can save you a lot of money, and frustration.  If you find or suspect that your home has termites, do not self-treat with over the counter baits.  The termites must be terminated from the structure first.

Let the Label be your guide.  Read it and ask questions.  A properly treated home is your best means for effective termite control.  Remember, it is the technician treating your home, who puts down the termiticide in the right places, and at the proper rate, not the salesperson.

Building a new home, or adding on to an existing one?  Think Termites!  Ensure you have it properly pre-treated.