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It’s October which means creepy crawling critters are out and about. For some, spiders might be the spookiest pest of all. While there are over 45,000 species of spiders, there are a special few who would love living in your cozy home. You’re probably most familiar with the spider we refer to as daddy-long-legs. These pests love to set up shop in the corners of rooms and cupboards.

Pest Control Services

Spiders have an advanced central nervous system, which allows them to sense incoming danger, which is probably why you have a hard time squashing them. Let Alcon Pest Control rid your home of these pests so you don’t have to! If you notice many spiders have taken a liking to your home, you’ll need to act quick because each spider can lay up to 3,000 eggs. We can’t imagine anything scarier than a spider infestation this spooky season!

Alcon Pest Control can come out and do a comprehensive analysis of your home. The experienced technicians will talk over troublesome areas of your home. They will also provide you with a free examination that comes with a cost estimation. They will then go over the entire contract with you and ensure you have all of your questions answered. Alcon Pest Control will be thrilled to rid your home of creepy spiders, and any other unwanted pests that you may be dealing with.

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