Attic Intruders: Squirrels and Rodents on the Loose Rodents, squirrels, pest control, termites, rats, mosquitos, service plan, spring critters, critters in attic, home services

Attic Intruders: Squirrels and Rodents on the Loose

As spring arrives, squirrels and rodents become more active in their quest for shelter and nesting sites. With the warmer weather, they seek refuge in the cozy confines of people’s attics. Their agile movements allow them to easily navigate rooftops and find entry points, such as gaps in eaves or vents. Once inside, they begin […]

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Spring Bugs | Carpenter Ants

Do you think you might have a carpenter ant infestation?  This month’s blog is all about Carpenter Ant! Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent a Carpenter Ant infestation in your home and how to go about getting rid of an infestation if you suspect you have one. How To Identify Carpenter Ants […]

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Spring Is On Its Way… And So Are The Bugs!

Attention Attention! Spring is on its way, so ants and bugs are waking up and searching for food. Alcon offers one-time treatments or a quarterly service also known as our One Year Plan. Get started early and prevent the bugs from entering your home! Keep on reading to learn more about the different types of […]

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