Alcon Termite Control Services

The first step in developing a plan for Termite Control is to perform an inspection of your home. Alcon Services is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to perform Termite Inspections (Wood Destroying Insect Report – WDI) and we recommend that you have an inspection performed prior to buying any new or previously owned home.

During the inspection, our trained technician will look at the exterior, interior, attic, below ground areas (crawl spaces), and outlying storage and garage areas. The technician will also look for water leaks, damage or any conducive condition, which may help contribute to a termite infestation.

If termites are located and the extent of their activity is determined, the question of why they are present will be addressed.
Often moisture plays a big part, either leaking pipes, faulty grading, or other problems are suspected, and our technician will recommend steps to correct them.

After inspecting your home, our technician will first talk to you about your home, and ask about any changes, improvements, or additions that you have made, or planning on making to your property. Then he or she will provide you with treatment specifications, contract and consumer information, a label and pricing for your consideration.

Our goal is to work with you and your family to ensure your home is protected against Termites. We do not use sales people; a technician will provide you with a quote upon request and answer any questions you may have.

Alcon Services always uses Premium products, such as Termidor SC for all termite control treatments. Because every home is different, the application depends on its age, configuration, and construction.

Termidor SC is applied with water, for the perimeter application, and applied with a foam carrier for all interior slab penetrations. Any voids that are discovered during the inspection may also be treated, along with cracks and expansion joints in concrete, partition walls, and utility pipe entrances.

We also ask that you contact us during any remodeling, reconstruction or home repairs that are being made so that we can ensure no infestation is present. The annual renewal program ensures your home is termite free. Our goal is to permanently protect your home without interrupting your life or emptying your wallet. Termidor SC allows us to do just that. The breakthrough chemistry of Termidor SC makes it an effective, odorless, and a low-exposure means of termite control.

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