What’s That Noise Coming from the Attic? | Rats & Squirrels

Rat in the attic

As the weather gets chillier, there will be critters looking to keep warm. Can you think of a dry and cozy place that is typically dark and quiet? If you guessed your attic, you are spot on!

Squirrels and rats are the main culprits known to make your attic their new home as they are experts at finding their way in. These unwanted pests will nest in your attic during late fall, winter and spring. They will cause damage to your home by chewing electrical wires and a/c ducts. They are also known to tear down your home’s insulation. If that damage alone doesn’t make them the worst house guests, they will also leave feces droppings and urinate in your attic.

Squirrels breaking into attic

If you are hearing unusual noises coming from your attic, it is likely squirrels or rats. These are large rodents and can make a considerable amount of noise. You will also likely smell these pests before you ever see them, as their urine is very potent and will seep through walls and vents. If you find feces be sure to call Alcon Pest Control right away. Their feces is dangerous and bacteria-ridden, you will want to have professionals remove these rodents for you.

It is very important that you take swift action if you are noticing any of the signs mentioned above. Squirrels and rats chewing through wires and cables can result in a fire. Alcon Pest Control will be happy to take care of these rodents for you.

Raccoon in a tree
Possum in the grass

Two critters that we want to touch base on this fall are raccoons and possums. Raccoons love to take shelter in the attic because they are warm and safe from the weather. Female raccoons will be drawn to your attic because it is a dark and enclosed space to raise their babies. If you live in or near a wooded area, you may experience possums in your attic. It’s important to check for possible entry points into your home. Give Alcon Pest Control a call to make sure your home is fortified against these pests this fall and winter. Alcon Services Inc. Termite and Pest Control is the first line of defense against those unwanted guests!

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