Bite Back: How to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay This Summer

As temperatures rise this summer, mosquitoes are gearing up for increased activity across many regions. Warmer weather accelerates their life cycle, prompting higher reproduction rates and more frequent feeding behaviors, particularly by female mosquitoes needing blood for egg production. This surge in mosquito activity underscores the importance of being prepared. Staying informed about local mosquito […]

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Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat Alcon services, termites, pest control, ants, bugs, pests, summer bugs, termites and pest control

Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat

As the summer season approaches, termite activities begin to surge! They thrive in warm, humid conditions and are known to infest wooden structures, causing extensive damage if left unchecked. Whether relaxing on your porch or working in your garden, termites can quickly turn your summer fun into a disaster! To safeguard your property, consider preventive […]

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Mosquito Madness: How to Keep Your Home Safe and Bite-Free Mosquitoes, pest, summer, mosquitoes season, bugs, pest control, pest services

Mosquito Madness: How to Keep Your Home Safe and Bite-Free

As the weather heats up, so do the mosquitoes! With the warmer temperatures, these buzzing pests come out in full force, ready to ruin any outdoor fun. They love the humidity and breed in standing water, making them more prominent during the summer months. Whether you’re out for a hike or enjoying a barbecue in […]

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Spring Season Brings Termites and Unwanted Visitors squirrels, pests, pest control, unwanted critters, wildlife, attics, critters, termites

Spring Season Brings Termites and Unwanted Visitors

At Alcon Services, we acknowledge that it is early March, and technically still within the winter season. However, in Texas, the scent of spring is already in the air. Wildlife pests are beginning to birth their offspring and awaken from their slumber, ready to stretch their legs and explore their surroundings. With the warm weather […]

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Attic Intruders: Squirrels and Rodents on the Loose Rodents, squirrels, pest control, termites, rats, mosquitos, service plan, spring critters, critters in attic, home services

Attic Intruders: Squirrels and Rodents on the Loose

As spring arrives, squirrels and rodents become more active in their quest for shelter and nesting sites. With the warmer weather, they seek refuge in the cozy confines of people’s attics. Their agile movements allow them to easily navigate rooftops and find entry points, such as gaps in eaves or vents. Once inside, they begin […]

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Two More Months of Winter Brings Unwanted Critters

There’s still two more months of winter left which means unwanted critters will be on the hunt for dry and warm places to keep warm. Did you know that the attic is one of their preferred hiding spots? Having wildlife in your attic not only poses a risk of significant damage to your home but […]

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Colder Weather Brings on the Critters!

The cold weather is approaching, and that means unwanted pests will be seeking refuge from the outdoor elements in your home! Do you hear scurrying or scampering noises coming from your attic? These sounds usually mean that a critter has entered your home. Keep reading to learn how to identify what critter has entered your attic, […]

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Spring Bugs | Carpenter Ants

Do you think you might have a carpenter ant infestation?  This month’s blog is all about Carpenter Ant! Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent a Carpenter Ant infestation in your home and how to go about getting rid of an infestation if you suspect you have one. How To Identify Carpenter Ants […]

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