Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat Alcon services, termites, pest control, ants, bugs, pests, summer bugs, termites and pest control

Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat

Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat

termites, summer, summer bugs, bugs, rodents, critters, termite season

As the summer season approaches, termite activities begin to surge! They thrive in warm, humid conditions and are known to infest wooden structures, causing extensive damage if left unchecked. Whether relaxing on your porch or working in your garden, termites can quickly turn your summer fun into a disaster! To safeguard your property, consider preventive measures such as regular inspections, moisture control, and professional termite treatment services.

Understanding Termite Swarming: Factors Triggering Summer Infestations

Termites typically swarm during the summer season due to favorable environmental conditions. The warmer temperatures and increased humidity create ideal circumstances for termite colonies to reproduce and expand. Their swarming behavior is part of their natural reproductive cycle, where winged reproductive termites emerge from mature colonies to mate and establish new colonies. Summer rains can soften the soil, making it easier for termites to tunnel and scavenge for food. These factors conjoin to make summer the prime time for termite swarms.

Summer Swarm: Battling Termites in the Heat

termites, summer, summer bugs, bugs, rodents, critters, termite season, ants, leaf, plants

Preventing Termites from Ruining Your Summer

Getting rid of termites in the summer requires a multi-step approach. You’ll need to do a thorough inspection of your property to see if there is termite activity and potential entry points. Next, you must eliminate moisture sources around your home, as termites are attracted to damp environments. Repair any leaky pipes, fix faulty gutters, and ensure that there is proper ventilation in crawl spaces. Consider us to help you with targeted treatments to ensure the best results! Then a barrier must be created by applying termite repellents or installing physical barriers, such as metal mesh, around the foundation of your home to prevent termites from gaining access. Be sure you are storing firewood properly and that you avoid wood-to-soil contact as well.

Our Services

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