Take Control of Rover Ants

Take Control of Rover Ants

It’s September and that means rover ants are becoming a problem! You might have had problems with them in the summer months as well, as they are not harmful but definitely an annoyance. That’s where we come into help!

Not sure if what you are seeing are rover ants? Here are a few ways to determine.

  • Only about 2.5 mm long.
  • Color ranges from a pale yellow to a black/brown.
  • 9 segmented antennae.
  • Front portion of their body has a hump like appearance.


Rover ants are most commonly found within the structures of your home, and are known to be one of the more difficult types of ants to control. If you don’t see them in your home, you can find them in bushes, shrubs and mulched areas outside of your home. These rover ants are also attracted to sweet foods or sheltered areas, they are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Be proactive for the fall and let us help you get rid of these ants.

You can trust Alcon Services Termite & Pest Control to rid your home of these nuisance of rover ants! Book an appointment with us today by visiting our home page or calling 972-417-3527

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