The Attack of the Crickets & Grasshoppers!

The Attack of the Crickets & Grasshoppers!

Left: Grasshopper
Right: Cricket

Left: Grasshopper Right: Cricket

If you’ve attended your local high school’s Friday night football game, you’ve probably witnessed the attack of the crickets and grasshoppers! Early fall is the most active season for these critters in Texas, and they make themselves known by swarming, especially in lighted areas, in large groups.

While crickets are mainly outdoor insects, these pests will enter your home or business if they are looking for food or shelter. We’ve even received calls of these bugs falling from the air vents! It is important to take action against these pests right away as they spread germs and bacteria. They haven’t been linked to any fatal illnesses but they may cause painful sores or rashes.

These critters can take over and become troublesome both inside and outside of your home. A few areas in particular that can be troublesome include: underneath patios, trees that dangle over your property, large cracks within your foundation, plus areas around your house that happen to be continuously damp.

Grasshoppers are slightly larger than crickets in size, and have a longer lifespan! Similar to crickets, you may find grasshoppers in your home seeking refuge from the outdoor weather conditions or predators. Although these critters seem to be harmless, they can actually be very harmful to your plants (indoor or outdoor), and can potentially be harmful to pets if ingested.

Picture: life cycle with grasshopper in the middle

The Life Cycle of crickets and grasshoppers are fairly similar, and both cycles can be problematic to your home or business. When the ground dries up and cracks, the females crawl into the cracks and lay their larvae, this could easily occur in your yard or any grassy space. Also, when the soil around your foundation gets pulled away due to the dry weather, the females are able to lay their larvae right next to you!

Pictured: a swarm of crickets attacking the lights at our Gunter Tigers football game

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